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“Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

- Henry Ford

Keesha Gibson owner of Gibson Consulting & Solutions began to consider her family’s own financial future during the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic. She realized it was time to use her talent by building businesses, and starting a family-run business with her sons, Ryan Gibson and Rasul Partin. They watched their mother build Gibson Consulting for more than 15 years -- helping other companies grow. The family conversations began on how to grow their own ideas and build wealth without killing themselves.

Under the umbrella of RGP you will find the trademarked brands:

SOUL BIOTIX,, a vitamin and dietary supplement brand with lines ranging from general health to sports nutrition and CBD products. We rarely see major vitamin brands marketed directly to People of Color -- you will, when Soul Biotix launches in 2023.  The Soulpreneur Network will be the only channel that will reach and influence BIPOC consumers worldwide, at every part of their Soul Biotix purchase, both on and offline. Network membership will encourage investment in entrepreneurship. It is NOT a multi-level marketing program or scheme. Members will be able to monetize their entrepreneurial efforts -- with 100% of the profit, not by commission.


Ryan, the eldest son, is the brand creator and designer behind ATLAS K.T.W.S a luxury footwear brand inspired by Greek mythology and designs influenced by brands like Adidas and Ralph Lauren. Launched in June 2021, each design is certified and handmade in Italy. 

Femdoyen Magazine is slated to launch in 2024. A doyen (or doyenne) is defined as the most respected or prominent person in a particular field. This online publication will highlight entrepreneurial Women of Color across the globe that we do not see or hear about in main stream media. It's not about celebrity - it's about inspiration and empowering women to continue their journeys to be powerful & successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

The vision for RGP Enterprises is to encourage support of BIPOC business through its brands.The marketing and the imaging will not only attract more Black and Brown people but it will include them in its economic building model. RGP is not just a Black-owned brand. Its a company that works to encourage entrepreneurship, community ownership and self investment. 

"I believe in our brands because what starts as just an idea, becomes something we all want to see come to life-- and we're making it happen. 
- Rasul Partin, Co-Owner

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